Thursday, November 13, 2014

Overcome Negativity

My thoughts during and after group:
  • In my family it's very shameful, just the word "Depression". It is not something we talk about even though there is a family history of it. It was so hard for me to accept at first (back in 2003). I always viewed it as a deep dark secret, my darkest secret. As I visit taught a sister sometimes she would mention her past struggle with depression. As she opened up about it, I started to realize, just maybe it isn't so shameful. I read a friends blog post about some of her struggle with depression. Which is why I started to feel more open about it. 
  • Someone's comment during group made me think of a few things. One, was the song "Try Again" by Cherie Call (lyrics here) And I also thought about my experience with Aaron. It was funny, sitting across the table from Bishop R and flashing back to sitting in his office and telling him, I give up on counseling, I didn't want to try someone else, I was done. A few years later I guess I reached my breaking point again and I went to my (new) bishop, Bishop G, and re-sought counseling. I told him, "I will NOT go to a male counselor" and I ended up with James. I tried counseling (and a male counselor) again and things turned out so Amazingly well!!!!  

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