Friday, April 26, 2013

Hope Food Pantry courses

Thanks for joining our Hope Food Pantry!

We only have a few rules or guidelines , one of which is to go through this course.
Our hope is for you to become more financially independent.

Topic 1) Money Management
We use the Cash Envelope System. It is great to budget your money and keep from overspending! It might be hard at first, but I promise it is worth it! My husband and I sit down after every time he is paid and go through how much we have, what bills needs to be paid and how much we need for groceries, medical, clothes, pets, and such.

Here are some great posts that explain it better!
Ask Away
How To Use Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System To Budget

Topic 2) Couponing
I LOVE couponing! It helps my grocery budget so much! My favorite couponing site is Kroger Krazy. I check it at least once a day to see what deals I can get!

Topic 3) Earn FREE Gift Cards!
This is my favorite topic! I LOVE earning free gift cards to Wal-Mart. You can get them other places, but I typically just get Wal-Mart ones.
The ones I use are:
ShopKick- You get "kicks" for simply walking into a store. You also get Kicks for scanning products in stores. It's like a scavenger hunt for adults!
MPlaces- You get points for checking in places. Different places are worth different amounts and you can check in to 25 places a day and can check in to the same places every hour. You also earn gift boxes that have more points in them.
CheckPoints- This on is like ShopKick, MPlaces and SwagBucks all put together! I earn $1 a day on this app!
Panel App- Once or twice a day a notification will pop up that you have a survey question. It takes about 30 seconds to do. Super easy, but slow going on earning a gift card.
Swagbucks- This site has a lot to offer. Survey questions and streaming videos is what I mainly do.

Topic 4) Rebates
There are a lot of great apps that offer rebates. Why not earn rebates on items you are already buying?
I use:
-More listed here

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