Monday, July 20, 2015

Movie Monday: The Saratov Approach

I have wanted to see "The Saratov Approach" since it came out. Well, we finally watched it. It was really good, I would recommend watching it!

The one quote that stood out to me was, "Light always overcomes darkness".

When I was in my Depression Support Group that was one of the chapters, Light.
Depression is like Darkness and as dim as it might seem at times, the Gospel is light. Light and Darkness can't exist at the same time. If there is light, it obviously can't be dark at the same time. As a teenager the gospel was everything to me. It was my rock. It was the one thing that didn't hurt me, was always there for me, and brought me comfort and hope.

As I have gotten older my testimony and love of the gospel hasn't changed. With the depression weighing me down so much for so long it can be hard to seem or feel the small glimmer of light the gospel brings. My faith in it hasn't wavered. What makes it worse is that the depression makes it hard to do things that will bring light- reading scriptures, praying and so on. At times it's like the depression is telling you, "you don't have time" or "it won't help". As much as you want that light, the darkness of depression fights so hard against it.

Elder Hales gave a great talk titles "Out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light". "When I was a boy, I used to ride my bicycle home from basketball practice at night. I would connect a small pear-shaped generator to my bicycle tire. Then as I pedaled, the tire would turn a tiny rotor, which produced electricity and emitted a single, welcome beam of light. It was a simple but effective mechanism. But I had to pedal to make it work! I learned quickly that if I stopped pedaling my bicycle, the light would go out. I also learned that when I was “anxiously engaged” in pedaling, the light would become brighter and the darkness in front of me would be dispelled. The generation of spiritual light comes from daily spiritual pedaling. It comes from praying, studying the scriptures, fasting, and serving—from living the gospel and obeying the commandments."

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