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I wrote this post on my "Healing Hopes Diary", here, about a visit with my counselor Grace.

Introverts are often misunderstood. So often Introvert vs. Extrovert is viewed as Shy vs. Outgoing. Being an introvert is not actually about shyness.

My idea of a "Girls Night" is going to dinner alone and a nice quiet trip shopping, once again alone! I do enjoy hanging out with a few people, that I already know. Meeting new people is overwhelming to me! If I am in a big group of people, or even a small group of people that I don't know, I am an observant listener! I don't engage very much, or at all.

The other night my husband had to convince me to go out on a Girls Night my friend was doing. I had a blast, but at the same time I was so done socializing by the end! I knew 1 of the 5 people there. We went and saw Ghostbusters (LOVED it) and then to get dessert. The only thing I said the whole time at the shop was answer what I was drinking, a Orange Creme soda. It was amazing!

My whole life I was pegged as shy when I'm not actually shy at all! I'm just an introvert. I charge my battery by being alone!

19 Signs you are an Introvert, not Shy: These ones are totally me!
1. You are Creative
2. You’re a Great Listener and You Value Listening
3. You Enjoy Time Alone
4. You Have a Small Group of Close Friends
7. Parties, Dinners and Small Talk Drain You
8. You Protect Your Personal Space
9. You are Observant
10. Crowds Stress You Out
11. You Think Before You Act
12. You are a Loyal
13. You Enjoy Solitary Activities
15. You Don’t Like Answering Calls from Unknown Numbers
16. You Get Distracted Easily
17. You Talk to Yourself, A Lot (my family thinks it hilarious how much I talk to myself!!!)
18. You Often Feel Relieved if Someone Cancels Plans
19. Meeting New People Is Not Exciting To You

(More in this article here)

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