Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Most days I struggle to be or even feel productive! I've finally accepted that it is okay to be lazy sometimes. I don't HAVE to be productive every single day! In fact I've taken a nap on both Monday and Tuesday. In return I've had tons of energy today and feel like getting stuff done!

I feel doubled accomplished because my kids are only gone 2/3 the day today, so I have had less time to do things.

Up and ready early this morning! (loving my new alarm)
I did both kids hair. Brax kept commenting that his hair is awesome!
Went grocery shopping.
Took Brad a soda at work
Unloaded the dishwasher
Washed some dishes
Did a little light cleaning
Made a craft
Did 3 full loads of laundry! (thanks to 2 of the 5 little ones, that includes animals, peeing in beds!)
Checked on couponing
Making a special after school snack for the kids!
Any minute I'm off to pick up kids...

Sometimes I have to remind myself of what I've accomplished and not worry so much about what I have NOT accomplished today.
Make, give A's baby gift
make L's shirt
Schedule couponing class
Make Primary newsletter

Wow, now that I list it that doesn't seem that bad at all!

Long story short, depression sucks! and it is hard... Even on the right medication I still struggle some times, yet I feel a million times better then when I'm unmedicated! I just keep trying. Even if I have a bad or lazy day I remind myself the try again tomorrow. I don't have to be super mom. As long as I am trying I'm doing great!

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