Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hayley is the name I use when talking about my best friend. I came up with like 13 years ago. Way back when I first decided I wanted to write a book I named her character Megan and she hated it and asked me to change it. I changed it to Hayley and never told her so she couldn't object! It has just stuck so anytime I write/ blog instead of using her real name I just use Hayley!

Anyways, we came to visit Hayley and her family this weekend. Not only are Hayley and I still best friends after 24 years, but our husbands and kids are too! Brad and I decided years ago that if baby #3 comes along and it's a girl her middle name will be after Hayley.

So, we are staying with them this weekend and the boys are working on Hayley's husband's truck. Hayley isn't home and the boys needed to go get something for tomorrow so I had them put the kids to bed before they left. After they left I could hear Hayley's girls were still awake. I walked over to their room and said, "Good night". Her girls then asked for hugs. I went in and gave A a hug. E of course needed a hug too. As I was hugging E she gave me a kiss on the cheek. It cracked me up when A then said, "Hey, I need a kiss too!" I went back over to A and let her give me a kiss on the cheek and then gave her eskimo kisses. I left their room thinking how crazy/ different it is now compared to 13 - 14 years ago.

Neither of us were married and we were both struggling! Hayley was my rock and I was hers. We told each other everything!
I still laugh thinking about the times she told me she was never going to get married!
She will never admit it, but my husband and I both know she had a crush on him before we started dating. Her husband has even told us it is true, she just won't admit it!
One year, I think it was 2005, we got each other the same birthday present! Our birthdays are 2 weeks apart and we were celebrating them together that year. We got each other Willow Tree figurines. I don't think they were the same one, but close enough. Neither one of us had owned one before or even expressed the desire to own one. Oh and my husband knew all along we were both betting one for each other!
We were (okay, mainly me) obsessed with InsideOut Accapella.
We had a contest to see who could go the longest without eat fast food/ from a restaurant. My sister was doing the contest with us. I always got fast food on my way to seminary (it was in the afternoon my Senior year). I remember one day Sister Parker realized I was NOT eat fast food like I always was.
We have had many, many, huge, fights over the years.
We should have died in a plane crash when we were 16. Imagine being on a plane and it runs out of gas and the engine dies! Logically there is no explanation as to how the plane didn't crash, but it didn't!
We had lots of other fun fights over the years! Water fights, food fights... My favorite being at my bridal shower! I was having a picture taken of the two of us together and my cousin served Hayley a piece of cake. Instead of eating it like a normal person, she smashed it into my face!
She is not a serious person, or emotional or a girly girl.

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