Saturday, June 12, 2010

Article: Words of Hate, Words of Love

Words of Hate, Words of Love by, CONSTANCE K. LUNDBERG

...Loyalty in a family means that we are loving in word. Again, Elder Didier gives great guidance:
Language is divine. Some may know this but do not realize its implications in their daily family life. Love at home starts with a loving language. This need is so important that, without loving words, some become mentally unbalanced, others emotionally disturbed, and some may even die. No society can survive after its family life has deteriorated, and this deterioration has always started with one word. [Didier, "Language," 26]

And it is always a hurtful word...

Everything given to us by our Father is given for our eternal salvation. However, any gift can be abused or turned to evil purposes. Words, the power of language, are among the greatest gifts. I pray we can use words for our edification and bless the lives of others, and I do so in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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