About me!

My Story
 My Story

My Comfort Kit

Who's Who:

Brad- my Husband
Our Foster kids- *Perry, *Joey, *Erica, *Sawyer and *Danny
Our children- Em and Brax
Jen is Em's birth mom
I have a sister

Grandpa- my adopted dad, verbally abused me
Ted- my biological father, never a part of my life.
Mom- my biological mom, passed away when I was 7
Grandma- my adopted mom
*Sister Parker- the first person I told about the abuse & an amazing support I've had
*Joy- my first counselor
*Aaron- my second counselor
*James- my third counselor
*Grace- my fourth counselor

*Jack- sexually abused me
*Colleen- Jack's mom

Bishop's I've had:
Bishop M, Bishop CBishop W: While seeing Lisa
Bishop R: Seeing Tim
Bishop G: Seeing Ben the first time
Bishop E and Bishop S: Seeing Ben the second time
Bishop D and Bishop H: Seeing Grace
Bishop B: Seeing Grace the second time

*Hayley, *Rachel, *Amy, *MacKenzie

*Names have been changed

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