Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

The other day Brad told me I was going a little overboard with adoption stuff. I guess, it's my greatest fear (now) that I will screw up Em with the while adoption thing! I'm just trying to prepare to questions and how I will answer and how we are going to explain things! I have to admit, now that we are in this I'm a little nervous/ stressed about the daunting task ahead of me. She might be one of those kids that just doesn't really care she's adopted or the other way and have millions of questions and want to know everything and why....

A big thing in healing from abuse is forgiveness. I found {this video} and wanted to share:
Forgiveness and the power of Jesus Christ enable a man to survive losing his wife and several children in a car accident—and allow the offending driver to begin rebuilding his own life.

Read President James E. Faust's talk "The Healing Power of Forgiveness".

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