Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to support a Friend

I have been thinking about my friend Hayley a lot lately… 2 post ago  I talked about
Hailey, our friendship and “happy nothing day”. Well, today out of the blue, Brad came across the “heart attack” Hayley did in the summer of 2003.

Tonight around the time Brad found them, I was working on our new business. It’s been so much work, and I was frustrated at the time because something wasn’t working. I decided to take a break and read all the hearts. I’ll admit it, I cried! It’s crazy that they were written 8 years ago and still I can feel the love overflowing from Hayley as I read them. 8 years ago as I struggled, I hung the hearts on the back of my bedroom door, as if Hayley had heart attacked it. It reminded me of happy time and people who loved me.

I know a lot of them won’t make sense to anyone but Hayley and I, here they are:
A wrote, “I just want you to remember how much you are loved. And I want you to remember how much fun we had and all the stupid things we did and the many more to come. Just think of this as a heart attack… I hope things start going better for you. I miss hangin out. When you feel like nobody cares remember that at least 3 people do. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and me Plus many others. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Love ya

• Remember the squirrels and InsideOut concert and kissing Kye goodbye. (yeah,
Hayley’s dad dared me to kiss our EFY counselor and I did, on the cheek!)
• Like going 50 miles over the bump. That was fun.
• Remember all the movie nights and all the ice cream @ Danielle's
• Remember getting blamed for toilet papering the Stewart’s on Sadies.
• And Denny’s
• Don’t forget going to the temple at a few minutes till and watching the lights turn off
• I hope these remind you of good times
• You really are loved
• Don’t forget flying home, almost dyeing, the nasty skunk smell, and sleeping on the hard floor. It wasn’t that bad.
• Read when your having a bad day
• Don’t forget about Kick-off (our favorite game to play at the park!)
• Or Bishop
• You sister
• Never forget
• Remember paintballing. – hit to the head and Claire go you on the leg bruised for months. (I was rather proud of that bruise and the mark was there for years!)
• Remember that one day someone will love you with all of his heart
• Ice blocking
• Love ya
• Don’t forget about the water park and going down the big slide (that I was terrified of) you finally did it.
• Pray
• Your cousins and all your other family
• Or Deseret Book & Bryce (Bryce was a guy who worked that, A secretly had a crush on him!)
• If I didn’t love you so much I wouldn’t have spent so much time cutting these out!
• Remember the InsideOut pants that were too small!
• Always know that there are so many that care for you!
• Sister Parker
• Smile always
• Or Sadies
• Or repelling
• Having a bad day. Think of all the stupid things we’ve done.
• Remember when we bought those nasty microwave dinners?
• Remember all the trips to the Dollar Store
• Remember our piggy banks and the ball that I popped in the store.
• Oh don’t forget about our no fast food contest!

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