Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Am a Child of God- Survivor Story

"I remember going to church regularly as a child. I have more difficulty now as an adult. I remember bits and pieces about how families were forever and I used to cry when they would sing 'I Am a Child of God.' The part that was most difficult for me was the verse about 'parents kind and dear.' You see, from as early as I can remember, about age four, I guess, I had a very painful 'Sunday School Lesson.' Almost every week, after meetings, while my mother took a nap, my father would sneak into my room and do things to me that still cause nightmares twenty years later. I can to hate him for what he did. I hated my mother for not being awake to protect me. And I hated God for letting me be sexually abused. It has taken years of counseling and reliving memories for me to let go of the hatred and begin healing the deep wounds of my childhood. On good days now, I can sing the other two verses of 'I Am a Child of God.' On really good days I even believe it."

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