Sunday, January 13, 2013

LDS and Depressed....

Today as I sat in Sunday School someone commented, “Those people who commit suicide or who are depressed, they don’t understand the gospel! If they did, they wouldn’t be depressed!” I churned inside, who is he to say that?!? Our teacher commented, “You know, it’s a mental illness!” I looked at Brad and said, “GOOD comeback!!!!”

Wanna know a secret? I’m been suicidal and I’ve been depressed. Did I not understand the gospel? Yes, actually I did! I did everything right. I prayed, I read my scriptures, I went to church, I paid my tithing, I did everything I should of.

You always hear that you shouldn’t judge people. I HATE it when people who have never experienced depression judge others for going though it. Like people think, “Hum, I want to be depressed and miserable!!!”. No, they don’t.

I heard people tell others, “Pray it away.” Can you pray away cancer? No. Can you simply pray or fast and simply have your depression go away? No.

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