Sunday, March 10, 2013


I rarely go somewhere alone with my two kids. It’s not that I am scared it, it is just too hard! They are 3 and almost 2 (18 months apart). The other day we went to Wal-Mart while Brad was at work. We left the store, my 3 year old was walking and I carried the almost 2 year old. For once I was not pushing a shopping cart and I'm glad I wasn't! We arranged to car seat so that all I have to do is open the drives side back door to put both kids in. I asked 3 year old to get buckled, she’s pretty good about doing it herself. I just finished buckling my son, I can’t remember if his door was closed yet... Anyways, I was approached by a Hispanic male, probably between 18 and 22 years old, he was wearing a hoodie with the hood up over his head and had a backpack on. (creepy, right?) I put my hands in my pockets and feel for my keys, I have keys and hand sanitizer, that doesn’t help. I own 2 (yes two) things of mace, neither of which I had on me! (Yep, Brad wasn’t thrilled then I told him I wasn’t carrying any!) He told me “I am in the parking lot with my associate selling (something).” Me, “I’m not interested!” I work my way towards the drivers door, he comes closer, “We are offering free perfume samples to all the pretty ladies!” I literally open the door, jump in, slammed the door in his face and lock all the doors! He walked away... I forgot to mention, it was like 8 pm and dark out and I was alone with 2 kids!?!

If I had been pushing a shopping cart, I probably would have left it behind the truck while I jumped in and locked the doors first. Then I would have waited until the guy was gone until I got back out and moved the cart. I would NOT start the truck before I got back out (or at least, not leave it running when I got out), the guy could be hiding nearby and jump in my running truck and take off.

Was this guy really a threat to me? Probably not. But it sure scared the crap out of me! I didn’t even feel bad for acting like he was a threat. Since then I have put my mace back on my key chain too. You can’t be too informed on how to act if someone approaches you in a parking lot/ parking garage.

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