Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What to do instead...

Angry, Frustrated, Restless:
-Slash an empty plastic bottle or piece of paper
-Flatter aluminum cans
-Hit a punching bag
-Rip up an old newspaper or phonebook
-On a piece of paper draw where you want to cut (my picture up above from one time I wanted to cut)
-Make something out of Play-Duh and then smash it down
-Throw ice against something hard enough to make it break
-Break sticks
-Go for a walk/ run
-Play a physical sport

Sad, Depressed, Unhappy:
-Take a hot bath
-Light a soothing smelling candle
-Listen to soothing music
-Put a good smelling lotion on, rub it into where you want to cut
-Call a friend and just talk about anything
-Visit a friend or family member

Craving sensation, feeling unreal:
-Squeeze ice cubes in our hands
-Slap a tabletop really hard
-Snap your wrist with a rubberband
-Take a cold bath
-Focus on your breathing

Wanting to see blood:
-Use a red pen or marker and draw on yourself where you want to cut
-Get a henna tattoo kit. Put the paste on and leave it on overnight. Then peel it off and it will leave a red-ish mark behind
-Paint your nails red

Other ideas:
-Scribble on pieces of paper
-Write or draw something
-Watch your favorite TV Show or movie
-Give yourself a pedicure
-Let yourself cry, even if it is hard
-Start a mood journal and write in it every day. Do patterns surface? Track your triggers.
-Sleep, only if you are tired
-Read a good (positive, uplifting) book
-Go shopping
-Buy cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them
-Listen to loud music, sing along

Spiritual things to do:
-Read scriptures
-Listen to church music
-Watch/ listen to a religious talk

(More ideas here)
-Bolded items are ones that I have done and found helpful. The buy a cheap teddy bears and take your anger out on them- My friend MacKenzie and I did together, it wasn't because of a self-harm urge, but took out the anger we were feeling towards our abusers. It worked really well!

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