Saturday, February 1, 2014

Had to share...

Someone at church told me about this company/ program a year or two ago and I never looked too much into it. Even though she raved about it, the way she described it didn't seem to interest me.

Then about two weeks ago an ad for this company kept popping up on my Facebook, so I figured, what the heck I'll check it out!
Go -here- to their website
sign up for the "Learn your type"

It was about a week before I started watching the videos (they e-mail you links for each one). I have fallen in love...

My whole like I never really about what I wore/ how I looked. I mean, I wanted to looked good, but never put too much thought or time into it.

A few years ago I wanted a whole new wardrobe. I got some new clothes, but have never had a sense of style.

This is exactly what I needed! It's not just what to wear, there is also LOTS of other info here. It is AMAZING!

Once you've looked into it, in case you're wondering, I'm a type 2!
Here are some youtube videos too.

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