Sunday, March 2, 2014

Don't dis on the Anti-Depressants

10 years ago I felt torn. Joy told me I was suffering from depression. She suggested a natural supplement, St. John's Wart. My family suggested anti-depressants. Sister Parker warned me how addictive the anti-depressants can be. So what did I do, nothing. I mustered through.

6 years ago I had the perfect storm of stuff going on. I was seeing James and we were starting to talk about and deal with Jack issues. It was rough... extremely rough. Throw in there my struggle with infertility and being on fertility medications made my emotions go crazy enough. Finally one day I told my doctor, I NEED something! He started at the lowest dosage of Prozac and wanted to see me again in a few weeks to see how I was doing on it.

My doctors appointment landed on the same day (or it was the day after) seeing James. He came in and I stared blankly at the wall. He asked me questions and I was a zombie. I was emotionally numb (honestly I think a lot of it was dealing with Jack). My doctor, extremely concerned (he had no idea I was dealing with other things) upped my dosage. I don't remember when I stopped them, except that I did feel better on the higher dose.

This past fall/ winter as I felt that downward spiral of depression I went back on it for a short time. I felt great of them!

A friend on Facebook just shared an article that was against anti-depressants. I think it's funny that the article states some of side effects the people experienced and every single one of them is also a symptom of depression, so what does that prove? It also talked about how most people on antidepressants got more depressed. I think I'm living proof of that, but still they ended up working for me. On the lowest dosage AND dealing with infertility and the sexual abuse by Jack, yes I was more depressed on them. However, my doctor (who is just an OBGYN by the way) was very watchful of how I was acting and altered the dosage until is worked correctly for me! (article here)

Journal about your depression

Make a gratitude journal

Do something you love!
When I was seeing James the first time part of my homework was a schedule to pick one thing I enjoyed doing and commit to doing it 4 days a week.

I also find church based music, doesn't have to be hymns, very soothing.

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