Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dressing Your Truth

Around a year ago someone I know told me about "Dressing Your Truth", she explained it as "It boost your self esteem and self image." I thought, "Well, I don't really need that" and forgot all about it.

(here is a link to their site)

A few weeks ago an ad for them kept showing up on my facebook page and so I went and looked at their site. I figured, why not see what's it all about? I signed up to get their videos e-mailed to me. It was probably a week before I got around to actually watching them, after all I had pre=determined they were not really for me. I am now loving everything about this!

It's kind of hard to explain what it's all about. For me, I feel like I finally have a sense of fashion. I always wanted to, but I have never really cared about what I wore. I wanted to look good, I just didn't put much effort into it. I'm a jeans and a t shirt kinda girl. I can still wear my comfy clothes, but actually wear stuff that looks good on me! For once I am loving what I am wear, not just rolling out of bed and grabbing any shirt in my closet.

Well, there's a lot more to it then clothes and fashion, it's just amazing! They have a bunch of YouTube videos too and testimonials. One lady says it cured her depression. It seems crazy, but wearing clothes that I for once feel like I look good in, makes me happier! No depression cured by this yet, but I just LOVE this company and program.

FYI, how I have used it for what to wear is on Pinterest. I am a "Type 2", so I have been able to find TONS of boards and pin for Type 2. When I am figuring out what to wear I just scroll through the Pins and get ideas! It's AMAZING....

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