Friday, July 31, 2015

Live More Awsome

Brad and I LOVE to watch sitcoms! Whenever we are watching TV together 99% of the time it is some sort of sitcom. Everything we watch is pretty clean. We never really thought about NOT watching any shows in front of our kids. Now, don't get me wrong, we don't let our kids sit down and watch them with us. If our kids are playing outside, or in their rooms, or asleep, we turn our shows on. Little did we realize that for those split seconds they would be walking by they were picking things up. My 5-year-old has recently started saying hell, like a LOT. After about the third time she said in 24 hours we decided, we can NOT watch sitcoms if the kids are awake. We have changed what we watch and at first we did strictly Food Network shows. After a while we were getting kind of tired of food shows all the time. I looked on the Dish guide and found some other shows I thought we might all be interested in on the Travel Channel. One of the kids favorites is "Xtreme Waterparks".

That bring me to today. We turned on an episode and the guy who was building the waterside they were featuring talked quiet extensively about his battle with depression and the organization, Live More Awesome, he formed to raise awareness.

This is his site (here).
It is great, so check it out!
If anyone loves Instgram as much as I do you can also follow him on there (here)

I just read one of his blog post and LOVED this that he wrote, "Life is amazing, but it also sucks. There will be times in your life when everything (sucks) and it’s those times that you need to know that you’re not alone, you’re not the only one that’s had to go through something like this and that all you have to do is ask for help and it will be there."

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