Sunday, August 23, 2015

Reaching for Christ

While working on a new video for my YouTube channel I was search online for pictures about the woman touching Jesus' clothes. It is probably my favorite story in the Bible. It is one I can relate to so personally! 

I too have an "issue with blood". Thanks to modern medicine there are prescriptions I can take to make by bleeding stop. The other day I realize that I have been dealing with this problem for 19 years now! That is 2/3 of my life!  I've also been dealing with the depression for about 1/2 my life! 

In October of last year I told Brad, “Can I please just go back in time 2000 year?” I longed to go back in time, a time when Christ was alive, where he could heal me. I could picture myself as this woman, reaching out to be healed. Even though I've had this problem for 19 years, it at least stopped periodically in between. 

I went to group after having been thinking that all week and was shocked at something that was in the manual that we read. "You may have wished at times to have lived in Christ's day so that His healing hands could have been placed upon you in a personal blessing to heal your mind, body and spirit, knowing with a certainty that He would be able to heal you. You may have secretly longed to been able to personally feel His loving embrace, and hear His words of comfort in your hours of darkness." 

Tonight during my search for pictures I came across this blog post
This post is amazing, go read it! At the end she lists ways to reach out to Christ, things like- 
If I reach out daily with sincere and thoughtful prayer.

I have to share her last paragraph, "For those brief moments, a part of Him fills me. He carries my sorrow, and speaks peace to my heart. He gives me the courage to face my trials once again and promises that my faith will make me whole. He knows my touch, He knows me."

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