Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Not About The Nail

During a recent visit with Grace she suggested I watch this video with Brad. I watched it alone the first time and kind of wondered how to bring it up in a way that he wouldn't seem rude or passive aggressive.

I planned to not tell him anything about my visit with Grace or why she wanted him to come, but to wait until we were there to talk about it all. After a day or so I thought I really didn't want to catch him off guard and I should explain things before hand. After a couple of conversation throughout a few days we finally had time to sit and talk.

I showed him the handout and we talked about it. Then I started telling him about when Grace was talking about the "flooding"  I started bawling and explained to him why. We talked about my feelings and emotions and what happened to bring me to that point. The thing that brought me to that breaking point was the fact that our truck was broken down again. Brad thought he had fixed it, but it still wasn't working. That was my breaking point, where I couldn't help but think, I can't do this. If life is going to be one trial after another then I am done.

We sat on our couch, same spots as this couple, having the same conversation as this couple, except our nail was a truck. At one point Brad said, "I know, it's not about the truck!" I laughed and pulled up with video! We couldn't stop laughing about how it was us, having this same conversation at that very moment!

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