Monday, January 25, 2016


Moving into our new place caused me a lot of anxiety! Not the actual move, but changing wards! Thankfully I was seeing Grace at the time so that helped a lot!

Little did I know, but moving into this ward was the best thing I could have done! I loved our ward, but I was stuck in a rut in our last ward. I didn't like my calling. I wasn't social or outgoing at all. Even though it made me feel lonely I was content to go all 3 hours and not a single word to another person.

This new ward has changed everything. You know when you move into a new ward and it's all awkward at first? It felt like that didn't even happen.

Now... I LOVE my calling. I am more social and outgoing, heck I'll actually start conversations, which would never happen before. Not only more social, but I do things that used to be way out of my comfort zone. Now they just seem normal and natural. Not just those things, but one of my new friends invited me to the mom's workout group! Not only would I love to lose some weight and get in shape, but I NEED to exercise for the depression. It's not just working out, but socializing at the same time. When I would ride my bike I would listen to music and do my own thing. I keep reminding myself- no earbuds- socialize! I went for the first time the other day and loved it. I come home all sore and sweaty. Today my arms were sore, but not my legs and I wasn't sweaty at all. So what did I do? I installed an interval timer on my phone and did my own workout until I felt sore and started to sweat! I am not very self motivated at all, so this has been amazing for me!

I am getting so much more out of church now that I enjoy it and I'm not in this weird anti-social, depressive rut!

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