Monday, February 22, 2016

Do you ever have those days where you think, "I give up, I surrender. Depression you are allowed to have a full day of controll!" You're not giving up completely, just letting the depression have a full day without fighting it. Fighting it is exhausting!!! I take my Prozac, which works wonders, I exercise, which is also amazing and yet there are days where I just want to sleep. Days where I just want to have a pity party and cry. Days that I don't want to do anything. Yet, I have forced myself to. Almost every day is spent fighting the depressive urges! Sure, I've had my "lazy days", but I haven't let the depression take over in years. Today I want to curl up in bed and either sleep or watch tv all day. Eat nothing but junk food and tell the depression to enjoy it's day in charge! I will try to fight it again tomorrow, but today I surrender!

For the record- Yes, I have taken my Prozac today and I exercised this morning. Instead of feeling rejuvenated, I'm drained. I am completely emotionally exhausted!

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