Sunday, May 8, 2016

Myths About Forgiveness

I LOVE, love, love this!!!!!

(See the video here)

FYI- I wrote this before I watched the video! Love how well it all goes together!
1) "Forgive and Forget". It's such a common saying, especially in the LDS Church. It is what my mother-in-law told me when I told her about Jack had done to me. Yet, it's not so simple. Just "forgetting" it's nearly impossible and also NOT necessary!
-After watching the video I love how Julie puts it, It is releasing the negative energy.

2) This is one of those things that I think depends on the relationship. When it came to my dad I have always been expected to continue a relationship with him. Yet, I'm pretty sure people would be floored if I had a relationship with Jack. Even if the person you need to forgive is a family member, sometimes that relationship is so unhealthy that you need to that relationship!

3) One of the things that stuck out to me during SOLE was that forgiveness times. It happens little by little as we continue to strive for it. That's the point, always continue to strive for it! It might take a lifetime! Sometimes something happens that just clicks and like magic it goes away. Other times it's little by little over days, weeks, months and years!

4) You're still allowed to feel these things! You're allowed to feel hurt! What you need to not do is hold onto anger and resentment towards that person over what happened. Be angry it happened, sure, but harboring those feelings to the person is unhealthy. You have to work through the hurt and anger instead of trying to NOT feel it.

5) Never expect an apology... Forgiveness is accepting the apology you will never get. Rarely (especially in abuse) do you get an apology. You need to let go of that expectation that you will ever get one, let alone acknowledge ment that the abuse happened.

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