Saturday, June 4, 2016

I'm depressed and that's okay...

I think people have so many stigmas with depression because it is labeled as a Mental Illness. Even though depression IS a mental illness it is not like some people think. It is more than just being sad. It is definitely not something one can simply snap out of.  It is deep and complicated.

What helps me?
Being organized.
-> this right here is my sanity!
My schedule! If I do 1 load of laundry a day and one household chore I don't feel so overwhelmed!
Being organized helps me think straight!

Reminding myself to FIGHT it!
I spent a good 10 years denying I had depression. The first time I tried to accept it, it threw me into an even deeper depression. When I finally accepted it I could accept I needed help- see a doctor, try medicine and see a therapist. One day my therapist reminded me I could fight this, I didn't have to sink into it.

Getting alone time to reenergize myself.
Okay, maybe this one if more about being an introvert, but I have to have my alone time. Once a week I go out alone even if it is just for an hour and I walk around the store the whole time. I am all alone and I am able to go home and feel recharged and like I can actually handle the following week.

Doing things I love.
I make sure I make time to do things I love- watch tv shows I love, craft, color (have you seen the new "adult coloring books" they are great!), write, drink Coke!

My FitBit. Staying active.
It helps me see how active I've been. I can see, Wow I've had a good productive day or Dang, I need to go be more active! I set realistic goals with it. It comes pre-set for 10,000 steps, which is just shy of 4 miles. For me, fighting depression, I'm happy if I move over 1 mile a day. Once I realized I can easily do 1 mile in a day I set my goal for 2. After I hit 2 miles a day every day for a few weeks I up it to 3. I rarely hit 3 and became discouraged and stopped keeping track for a while. I lowered my goal back down to 2 and I'm back on track!
With the nice weather out I love hiking so we try to do as much hiking as a family as we can. I also love to ride my bike. I use riding it as exercise and also alone time!

Not isolating myself.
When I isolate myself it makes my depression worse. Even though I'm an introvert and mostly prefer to be alone, I also enjoy hanging out with friends. It is so important to have others to talk to and lean on.

I'm an animal lover, so having animals helps me!
We have 2 little dogs and now a bunny!

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