Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Subliminal Messages

I was scrolling through Facebook while I should have been working (and should be right now too) when I noticed one of my friends had posted an article (here) claiming that the movie Frozen is pro-gay and teaches doctrine contrary to that of the LDS beliefs.

My friend did not agree with this article and it perked my interests. I read it, felt baffled and called Brad who has seen the movie. Yes, my husband and 4-year-old have seen it and I have not. I asked him, “Ok, what is this movie about?” I told him about the article and he said, “Um, it is actually really cute and I think it teaches good lessons in it!”

I haven’t heard the song “Let it Go”, but in this article she posted the lyrics. As I read them the first thing I thought of was letting go an abusive past! As she talks about being “perfect” I thought of myself as a teenager. I never tried to be perfect, but my Grandpa always compared me to one of my cousins who he viewed as “perfect” and would tell me how I wasn’t good enough like them. So, when she says “the perfect girl is gone” I thought about when I moved out and I didn’t have to try to be perfect anymore. The part "turn away and slam the door" almost makes me cry. Why? Because that was my turning point. Turning away from my Grandpa as he screamed at me that I was destroying his family (by moving out and getting away from the abuse) and walked out the door for the last time! The more I listen to this song the more I love it and honestly I think the "message" behind it that people are saying is gay, is really about breaking free from abuse!
"I'm never going back, the past is in the past!"

I don’t want my daughter going up thinking she has to be PERFECT. I want her to know that she is good enough being herself!

A few weeks ago we had a Stake Relief Society Conference at church. One of the speakers is a therapist here in town, one that I know many people who have seen her. One of the things she talked about was not praising our children for being “The best”. She talked about how many young adults are now dropping out of Ivy League schools because they get there and they are no long the best at everything like they were in high school. It’s hard being the best when you’re with hundreds of other students who were also the best at their high school. Instead focus hard work and trying and practicing and being persistent!

If you haven't seen Frozen (here) is a song and lyrics I was talking about 

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