Monday, February 17, 2014

Trust in God

I LOVED this week at my depression support group. I think it was because it was one I could really connect with and relate to.

Thoughts during and after group:
Without going into details, we got on the subject of finding comfort/ strength through Heavenly Father. I started writing down the thoughts as they came to me:
2003, the night I was wanting to cut, praying and then hearing “oh my Daughter, I love you.” Feeling of peace and comfort. He knows me personally.

Around that same time, one day as I was struggling I threw something down on my desk. When it hit the desk a picture of my mom fell down and landed on the desk. I knew that she was there with me.

I have never felt left alone by Heavenly Father. I always felt he was with me. I turned to him for strength and comfort.

I couldn't have made it without that blessing of never feeling alone.
When I have felt like I can't take it (the trial/ struggle) anymore, I have turned to him & he has always brought me that peace, comfort and strength I needed.

When I was leaving I walked past Bishop R, he asked how I was doing. I said, “Good.” He looked at me and asked, “Really?” I kind of laughed, “yes, really.”

As I drove home I thought about this. I’ve had 7 different bishops while in counseling (yep, that’s a lot!). 3 of them were extremely supportive. 2 of them were okay, just not super involved with my counseling, which is fine. The other 2... I didn’t really care for.

How many people ask you “How are you doing?” as a greeting? For me, it seems like a lot. The natural response is “good”. 4 of the bishop’s I’ve had, along with so many others in my life, no matter how much they know I was struggling at the time, would take my “good” as a real answer.
However, those 3 bishops, along with Sister Parker, Joy, James and some others in my life, would look me in the eyes and ask, “Really?”

I’m not even sure what my point is here, or if this will even make sense to anyone else. To me, it shows they REALLY truly care! They look past my fake smile, see my hurt and actually care about how I am doing deep down.

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