Thursday, February 13, 2014


I did my homework for group just before bed... bad idea! There are deep questions to answer and it just gets my mind rolling!

As I laid in bed I thought, It's interesting how you have your own plans in your head and a lot of the time they don't work out. God has other plans for you. A lot of the time the struggle from your plans you are desperately trying to make happen and God trying to carry out His plans we view as a trial. Once we actually see God's plan unfold we often look back and realize that it has been a blessing, things are better off, we are happier and so forth with what God has brought us to.

I'm not going to say I'm grateful my mom died.... But, I am grateful for the things I have experienced and learned. I feel like I understood more about the gospel at 19 then most because of it. Most people out there have their parents there with them for milestones in their lives. At the time I wanted that so bad for a sense of normalcy. Instead I have experienced things that not everyone has. I have learned things about myself and the gospel that not everyone has and for those things, I am grateful.

It's funny that I got married sooner then I had planned. I always planned on getting married when I was 21... not 19. Then I became a mother later then planned. Once I was married at 19 I planned on becoming a mother at 20... not 25. Shoot, even if I got married when I was 21 I planned on becoming a mother at 22, 23 at the latest!

For 6 years I thought it was a struggle to get pregnant and experience motherhood. Once I actually became a mother, and not the way I had planned, I wouldn't change how it happened. I met and fell in love with people I would have never talked to otherwise. I was able to learn things I would not of experienced either.

Have you even been on a trip and your plan was to stop at certain places. Then you get on that trip and you get a flat tire and ended up eating at the best restaurant you've ever been to. All these other things happen along the way and you make all these stops and see, experience and learn the most amazing things. If you hadn't had all the car trouble you would of just drove on by. You get to the end of your trip and think, That was the best trip you've ever been on because of those unexpected stops you experienced more than you planned.

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