Thursday, February 25, 2016

I'll be happy when...

I have been having a really lazy morning. I finally rolled out of bed and grabbed my phone before going downstairs for some breakfast. I scrolled through Facebook and saw that one of my friends shared a blog post she had posted. I clicked on the link and just loved her post! One of the things that stuck out to me was, she said she had a lot of "I'll be happy when..." thinking going on and she has gotten rid of that thinking.

Over the summer while I was seeing Joy she suggested I read, "You Can Feel Good Again". That is one of the things Richard Carlson talks about in the book is the "I'll be happy when..." thinking. The problem with that thought process is it is always replaced with a new, I'll be happy when once the old one happens.

I know I did that for years! Growing up I spent years thinking, "I'll be happy when I get married!!!". Guess what? When I got married, I didn't magically get happy! It was soon replaced with, "I'll be happy when we have a baby!". In the 6 years between getting married and "having a baby" I spent many of them in counseling. By the time our first baby came along I no longer had the "I'll be happy when..." mindset. Once it was gone it was very freeing! I was finally happy and not just because we had a baby.

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