Sunday, October 30, 2016

Stress Relief/ Self Care

Something you can see:

  • Look at comforting/ positive pictures
  • Read a book
  • Watch your favorite movie
  • Look at paintings or photographs
  • Let  yourself daydream

Something you can smell:

  • Light a candle/ wax melts
  • Put on some essential oils
  • Put on a good smelling lotion or perfume
  • Bake something- works for both smell and feel

Something to hear:

  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Sit outside and listen to nature
  • Play a relaxation CD
  • Listen to an LDS Conference Talk

Something you can touch:

  • Snuggle up in your favorite blanket
  • Hug a stuffed animal
  • Exercise, yoga or pilates
  • Pet an animal- Dog, cat, rabbit (something soft and fluffy)
  • Squeeze a stress ball
  • Wear soft, warm, comfy clothes
  • Color (adult coloring books can be amazing!)
  • Have a message

Something you can taste (or use your mouth):

  • Eat your favorite food/ treat
  • Chew a piece of gum
  • Talk with someone
  • Take deep breaths
  • Repeat positive affirmations out loud
  • Drink some tea

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